2008 Presidential Debate – comments from a non-American

Did anyone watch last night’s final debate between Senators Obama and McCain?

I did, and I found parts of it, like parts of the entire campaign, disturbing. Poor Senator McCain felt hurt at the comments of Senator John Lewis. I almost shed a tear – not. I wonder if Senator Obama felt ‘hurt’ at being, for all intents and purposes, called a terrorist. Or at having people shout ‘Kill Him’ when his name was mentioned by that odious little woman, Palin. I found it interesting that Senator McCain should call her a role-model for all women. Should a role-model encourage racial tension or quote from the works of W. Pegler, a mid-century writer known for his fascist, racist and violent rhetoric? Uh, don’t think so really.

Please read this article from the New York Times and the truly disturbing aspects of the McCain/Palin campaign.

Many, many non-Americans are taking great interest in this election, possibly far more than at any other time in history. Whether we like it or not, the USA is a superpower in every sense and as such affects the world in a multitude of ways – just look at the current economic crisis. The election is about economics, health, taxes as usual but unfortunately, as proven by some recent Republican comments, the subject of racism still, sadly, hangs around in the background. Americans now have a chance to not only make a huge change for the good of the country but to show how much they have grown as a tolerant people.

While the rest of can but watch to see what they do with that chance, we can only hope they choose wisely.

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