Why musicians should use Twitter

Are you a musician who is not yet using Twitter? Have you been putting it off because it seems a bit dumb – why would you want to read about, or tell other people about everything that goes on in your life? If you are then read on!


As with a lot of people I was unsure of how, or why, I should use Twitter – I even thought it could be detrimental to your online reputation if no-one followed you! I just did not get it at all. However I signed up anyway and started experimenting. Within a few hours I’d had a slightly bizarre but amusing ‘conversation’ about bears in captivity (don’t ask) with one of my new followers. Think of it as a huge place to hang out and pick up conversations about anything and everything. Some of it will interest you and some won’t – it’s up to you to work out how you want it to work. You can follow some very funny people here (my personal current favourites are Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and Jonathan Ross – but then I’m English) and hosts of some of the gurus of online marketing and promotion. Their tweets (the name for the 140 character message that you put up) are an informative insight into their lives and personalities – which is one of the reasons YOU should be using it. It’s a great way for your fans, both new and old, to see what you’re up to, what goes on back stage, how the new album is going, let them know about the blog you’ve just published (you have a blog right??)…. Let them get to know you better, interact with them, invite them to interact with you – and they may be more willing to buy stuff later on!

I am by no means an expert on Twitter and its many possibilities, far from it, but I know a man that is! Bob Baker specialises in online promotion for musicians and has written a very comprehensive guide on how and why musicians should use Twitter for marketing. I urge you to go and have a read – any questions or doubts you may have will be answered here.

If you fancy trying it out, why not sign up and follow me on Twitter. It’s free and if you hate it, don’t use it – but give it a month to really try it out, you’ll be surprised.

Are you already using Twitter? What are your feelings about it? Has it helped your community or fan base grow or does it just distract you from getting down to work? Please let me now in the comments below.

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