A few hurdles, but a good start!

Well, I finally have a quick 20 minutes to write something! I have to say, I wasn’t really prepared for the amount of work that was waiting for us here! Since I arrived Tuesday night it has been pretty much non-stop – interviews, resolving problems at the theatre, resolving problems at the hotel … just generally resolving problems. Each city has an individual producer who’s job it is (supposedly) to organise everything for that particular city; except the one here is not really on the ball. In fact I don’t think she knows where the ball is. The result of course is that myself, Leo and Priscila are left to clean up. It becomes very stressful when you have to double check everything because you realise if you don’t it won’t get done. For example, last night the guys did the sound check/rehearsal and stayed on at the theatre for the show. The food, which was supposed to have been there before the soundcheck, hadn’t even been arranged! So, someone now has to go out and find a shop, at rush hour, and buy whatever can be found!

Anyway, last night was the first night of the Festival and was a HUGE success! It was Bob Wilber and Dany Dorise, with the Cave Hutchette quartet playing a tribute to Benny Goodman and Lional Hampton. The audience loved it and the band played their respected asses off! I have to say, it’s a great feeling when something you are involved with and have been planning and working on for months comes together and works. It’s a feeling I’m not used to, having never been on this side of the fence, so to speak. When it’s over I shall write something specific about all the people who have been working incessantly over the past months on this festival. They all deserve a moment in the spotlight!

Tonight is Luis Fernando Verissimo and Jazz 6, with Gunhild Carling and the Jazz Festival Brasil Band in the second half. A note I’d like to add here is that Luis Fernando Verissimo is a well know author here in Brazil and his books are the only ones in Portuguese that I’ve read. They are extremely funny ad had me in tears – I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting to spend some time in his company.

Right, telephone is ringing, again, so off to work! I’ll be posting some photos on my Flickr page, so please go over and have a look!

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