Early mornings and tv shows! (Rio and São Paulo)

Another flight, more time to write! On our way to Belo Horizonte now for the last, and biggest part of the festival. The planning in Belo is enormous – we have had a film festival over the past week, showing only films related to jazz, including Anatomy of a Murder and The Cotton Club, amongst many others. There is also gastronomical partnership with the festival. We have ten restaurants around the city who are serving dishes specially named after famous jazz musicians. There are displays of jazz related photography in the city and, at the Palacio Das Artes, a exhibition of the work of Brazilian artist Eliardo França, whose superb portraits of jazz musicians have been used extensively throughout the festival publicity campaigns.

Our time in Rio was short, arriving on Sunday night and leaving early on Tuesday morning. A few of the guys had time to go to Corcovado, and some went walking to Ipanema beach – although it was somewhat cold and damp so not the best whether for sightseeing. The evening gig with Bob Wilber and Dany Doriz went very well, great crowd and a nice theatre. No mishaps thankfully, the production team in Rio are a little more switched on than in Recife!

After an early start (5,30 am) we arrived at the Globo TV studios in São Paulo for our appearance on the Jo Soares show. He’s the Brazilian version of David Letterman, or Michael Parkinson and his show is watched by millions. We were very privileged to have two bands from the festival on his show – yesterday was Gunhild Carling and the Jazz Festival Brasil Band. So, we arrived at the studios, set up, changed and ready for recording within an hour or so of landing. We recorded the two music slots in the the morning and then, after lunch, went back in to record the live opening scenes with Jo Soares. He speaks fluent English, and spoke eloquently about the 1938 Goodman concert in Carnegie Hall, before asking Dany a question. This was followed by a few moments of silence as Dany simply looked at Jo. “Don’t you speak English?” asked Jo, a little impatiently. “No!” replied Dany, truthfully. After a minute or so of laughter from the audience, Jo Soares proceeded to ask the same thing – in perfect French!