Find out what it’s REALLY like on tour

And no, it’s not quite what it’s made out to be!

A while ago I asked you to send me questions or topics that you would like to read about. One of the replies was about being on tour – is it really all parties and laughs?

Well, coincidentally, I start a tour on Sunday with the Judy Carmichael Septet. So I thought I’d use this perfect opportunity to show you what it can be like ‘on the road’. What I will try to do is write a post at the end of each day of the tour, including the days off. If, as quite often happens, the flights are delayed and/or the theatre has screwed up the sound check and we end up waiting around for hours on end and/or there is no food available ANYWHERE after the gig – well, then the posts might not be entirely suitable for younger readers!!

This is the first tour I’ve ever done where I’m not 100% leading up to it – in any way, shape or form. I’m still trying to get it together, both musically and physically, after my bout of pneumonia in June. I can’t begin to describe the frustration of having to work SO hard just to get back to a reasonable level of proficiency, let alone anywhere close to level I was in June. I’ve had to soften my reeds and, on the clarinet, drop down a facing on my mouthpiece. This, in turn, brings a general imbalance between the instruments – not good when you’re doubling a lot.

So, it may well be an interesting few weeks in many respects. But, for now, I’m just looking forward to getting back on the road – and telling you all about it!