On tour – day 1

If you remember from my last post, I said I would try to write a post for each day of the tour with the Judy Carmichael Septet. I don’t envisage these posts being any more than a type of diary of the days events. The idea is simply to try and give you a brief insight into what it’s like being on the road – and the various obstacles that frequently pop up to make our life just that little bit easier. (How do you write sarcasm?). Where possible, I will try to take time and write a well thought out post – but more often than not they will be quickly jotted out posts. Apologies.

Well anyway, here I am in Sao Paulo on the first day of the tour. I’m currently in the hotel cafe with Judy discussing, and trying to laugh off, the first days cock ups and stresses!

The flight down was fine and the trip to the hotel without problems. After MUCH arguing, Judy managed to sort out a rehearsal space for us this afternoon. The idea being to run through some numbers for the TV show tomorrow. In fact, the ONLY reason that we’re all here 2 days earlier than need be (the first show of the tour is Tuesday night) is for the TV show. Everyone could be at home working or staying with family an extra day. So why, when we discovered this evening that the tv show had been canceled, were we the only ones NOT surprised. There are some types of musicians who great this news with delight – paid piss up time. We are all of the other type – when there is a night off or a canceled show, we could be at another gig. Money is money and bills don’t pay themselves, apart from the fact we’d rather be playing than just sitting around!

Great start to 2 weeks.