On tour – Day 10 and 11

Day 10 – Belo Horizonte (again)

I didn’t think there was enough traveling going on during this tour, so I decided to go home in between gigs! Actually, it was my wedding anniversary, so I popped home on the day off. It’s actually between Rio and Aracaju, so it kind of made sense. I needed an injection of sanity – and nothing does that quite as well as being beaten up by my 3 year old daughter!! Had a great day, although I’m not looking forward to a 5 am wake up call – oh well, my fault 😉

Day 11 – Aracaju

Well, I was wondering why my ticket said a 5 hour trip, when it should have been around 3. I had 2 stop overs on the way, just to make it fun. Of course I worried the whole journey that my suitcase would make the same connections …… otherwise no clarinet and no clothes for the gig!!

All was fine, thankfully. Hotel is nice, right by the beach – although I won’t have time to use it. I really need to get some practicing in. I wasn’t happy with the gig in Rio, purely from my own point of view. I’m getting pretty set now in my tenor style but finding a comfortable equivalent on clarinet is proving tricky.

Tonight was one of those nights. They moved the sound check to 7 p.m. saying there would be food at the theatre and it would be easier to stay there in between sound check and gig. So, we spent over an hour trying to get a decent sound, which left us half an hour to eat … but there was no food. Well, there were some cheese twists and little sweets, but no real food. The gig was great, again. Everyone played there asses off tonight, although Judy, Dave and Dan excelled themselves. By the time we finished, and left the theatre, it was around 11.30 p.m.. Got back to the hotel to eat, and discovered they would only do sandwiches. And even those took almost an hour to arrive! So, apart from lunch, no food until breakfast. Whee hee!!!

After thoughts

I have a pretty fiery temper and these days tend to react and speak without necessarily thinking. In the world of the blog, theoretically you have time to open your mouth, so to speak and then review those thoughts before the outside world hears, or reads, them. I am, however, the first to admit when I make a balls up or a mistake. In my last post, I criticized Gunhild and Max Carling for basically being themselves, and that was both wrong and unfair. I stand by my comments that Chris Flory shouldn’t be part of the group, but that wasn’t their fault – the festival put them together without thinking. My anger was aimed at the festival and I took it out on them instead. So, I’m making an apology. I’ve just been hanging with Max and he is a very humble, wonderful person. Sorry guys, you didn’t deserve that!!