On tour – Day 2

Overall, great day. Played some tennis with Judy and Dave this morning. We had a rehearsal booked for late morning but couldn’t confirm because the guy that books the studio wasn’t there. Then it was moved to after lunch. Then it was canceled because it was too expensive. Then a deal was set up where he would only charge an hour fee for a two hour rehearsal.

All this meant a few hours of ‘are we, aren’t we’ waiting around. There is a certain tiredness that comes about when waiting that is different from normal ‘late night’ tiredness and jazz musicians have a particularly low threshold when it comes to sitting on our respective asses doing F. all.

Anyway, the ‘about a 10 minute walk’ to the studio turned out to be nearer 20 minutes. So, by the time we got there and set up we only had about an hour left!! We had to be out by 4pm because another band had booked it. Turns out there was no band, they just wanted to go home earlier. Nice for them. Still, we ran through a fair amount of stuff and the band is already beginning to cook! First gig tomorrow (Tuesday) so we’re chomping at the bit, so to speak.

Very nice meal/hang time at the hotel tonight with everyone talking about everything from Greek amphitheaters to baseball to mental hospitals to politics (the two obviously go hand in hand) to Wagner, Stravinsky and Rachmaninov! Also a great relief that Hurricane Gustav didn’t directly hit New Orleans.

These are seven of the most extreme personalities that you can have, and the humour is sharp enough to cut through anything. A great deal of laughing to be had. And not light, polite giggling but the real, belly aching, tear producing kind that comes along all too infrequently these days. We hang out together not through a lack of any other options but because we genuinely enjoy each others company, both musically and socially. It is a wonderful experience, and a rare one, to get a group of musicians together, who are all on the same page in so many respects. You will never have a more entertaining night than to hang out with people like this.

Currently listening to the Harry Allen and Joe Cohn Quartet “Hey, Look Me Over”. Great playing and great music. Highly recommended.