Twitter not

Just a quickie. Back at home for day in the middle of the tour with Judy Carmichael. I was messing around with Twitter a while ago and finally signed up a few days before the tour started – the idea being to ‘Twitter’ away on the road and use them as small blogs. However, due to various little hickups (no WiFi and problems sending SMS from my phone!!) it didn’t work out. No problem, I can take photo’s from the tour and post them to this blog via Flickr – again no luck. My Flickr account would accept the program I have on my iPhone. Oh, deep joy! Once I get all these wrinkles smoothed out, I’m going to have a lot of fun with all this – especially with the tours I’ve got coming up. When I get home next week, I’ll put up various photos and let you know about the tour – some of which we had to laugh at, otherwise we’d have just cried …. or killed someone! For now – I’m off to have another cup off tea, spend some time with my family and then listen to some more Ike Quebec. Cheers!